Cancer Surgery – Continued

Posted November 19, 2009 By Mark

Well – stitches stay in for a while longer.  Healing is going fine just need more time.  As tender as it has been lately I could tell.  Got more information on what I need to do for lifestyle changes.  Here is the majority of the information – ************ Exercise (three + times a week) Get […]


Life is Eternal

Posted November 19, 2009 By Mark

Remember, always, that LIFE is eternal. Whether in our current physical life or after when we are in non-physical form – we are ALWAYS ALIVE. Our soul is our life force. We are ALL EQUALLY connected to ONE SOURCE, personally, I use the name God. We ALL receive divine guidance from within equally. The ONLY […]


New day and another year past

Posted November 14, 2009 By Mark

Well today for my birthday – I will job search in the morning and go to work.  Exciting day – I am alive and getting healthier.   I have figured out I am going to be perpetually 26 years old.  Sounds like a good age. I am that I am ~ Namaste from the God within […]


Time to find new food to eat – Mm Tastey

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

Well I splurged to help get in the swing of things: The Complete Vegan Kitchen: An Introduction to Vegan Cooking with More than 300 Delicious Recipes-from Easy to Elegant Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook Should arrive on Monday 11/16 – we will see


Protected: And we all wait

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Rave – Time for a change

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

This category will document (as I have time) my activities to change my diet and greatly improve my physical body.  I plan on being around for a VERY, VERY long time.  That being said I need to take care of the physical structure as well as the spiritual (that is another topic/category).  If any of […]


Day of surgery

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

Well we continue – I worked the night before surgery.  Getting off 15 minutes early 6:45 to make sure I am at the Dr. Office for a 7:30 am surgery appointment.  Very sleepy but coming prepared with iPhone, Headphones and eye mask for a long visit.  Well they clean up the area, mark it and […]


Off to the Specialist

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

Well to continue this Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP) issue – I called the specialist and guess what – wait another week before they can see me.  Oh and by the way please have your Dermatologist fax over the pathology report.  Well I knew that was coming from North Texas Dermatology anyway.  Again I wait.  Finally visit […]


Well lets go back about 18 months. I was seeing my GP Doctor for a routine something and asked him about a “patch” on my left arm. Was told by the Doctor that it was Dermatofibroma – No big deal and that it can be taken off in the Dr. Office  – Don’t worry about […]


Added new website – and of course new blog

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

With over 24 websites currently registered to me – I finally am putting one up just about me and the current state of affairs that I deal with. If you don’t like what you see sorry. After all it is mine