ShareOnce upon a time, long before you were born, you chose him. You chose the one who makes the nights too short to say everything you want to say to each other… The one whose soul caresses you without laying a finger on your skin, the one that believes in you and makes you believe […]

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10 Hard Truths About Love You Should Know

Posted August 10, 2017 By Mark

SharePerfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, then there is not perfect love. ~ A Course in Miracles Hard Truths About Love People go around throwing I love you’s as if these words are nothing. And when it comes to honoring their words with actions, a lot of them have absolutely nothing to show for… And  Today […]

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ShareWhen you first meet somebody, a colleague or a new acquaintance, for instance, it’s difficult to judge their personality straight away. This can be hard because most of us try to show the best version of themselves when meeting new people. They do this because they want to seem more attractive to others and it’s […]

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ShareNo matter how happy you are with your partner, all relationships require consistent work. If you devote some attention to relationship maintenance every day, you dramatically reduce the chances of conflict, boredom and ultimately heartbreak. Here are 11 tricks that will help you do just that…   1. Keep Your Phones Off During Quality Time […]

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ShareMen and women show that they care in very different ways. If a man is willing to publicly display his love for a woman, he is not messing around. It takes extreme vulnerability for a man to show and express exactly what he is feeling on such a large scale. There are at least 8 […]

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ShareUnderstanding people and relationships can be quite a challenge sometimes. It might seem from the outside that everything is perfectly fine, but you never know what really goes on behind closed doors. The situation can of course be the other way around – a couple, who is fighting all the time may actually use this […]

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Your life Script

Posted May 25, 2017 By Mark

ShareWho are you really? Some great thoughts by a thoughtful blogger… ( a bit long, but exactly right on…) Our life script is so automatic, that to change, we need to stop and just be the audience. In our minds, we create our own narrative, which is to say, we create the stories that create […]

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ShareLoving a Scorpio is anything but boring! They really are the best…if you know how to treasure them. But it is really not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and patience but once you get it down it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced! They are passionate, intense and full of […]


ShareFor anyone in love or looking for love, these 7 timeless pieces of advice are so important for a stable relationship. Wait for what you deserve.  Don’t settle just be patient. Choose a partner who is good for you, not who is simply good for your parents, image or bank balance! You might fight for […]


How Alcohol Can Ruin Your Health

Posted February 28, 2017 By Mark

ShareOne shot… One glass… What does it matter, right? WRONG. Even just one shot or glass of any alcoholic beverage can affect your organs and your health.