Spirit Guides — Don’t Waste Their Time, Just Pay Attention!



Spirit guides are always by our side during the challenging moments of our lives and whenever we are asking for their help. The way they interact with us may not be the most obvious one, but they are always there — so pay attention!

Do not be too quick to dismiss your gut feeling as paranoia because the universe gives each one of us strength to fall back on. You do have to be overly spiritual to accept that spirit guides exist, but if you will dedicate every day some of your time to spirituality, you will start seeing the evidence.

Every soul has a guide that watches over, educates and nurtures it in all aspects of life. Most of us grew up calling these spiritual beings our guardian angels and this is the role that they live up to.

Spirit guides are instrumental in finding our life’s purpose and in fulfilling our spiritual and earthly responsibilities.

Although in our human form we cannot see or interact with them, there are ways of listening to them and knowing that it is them who are speaking to your situations.

Signs that spirit guides are watching over us:


It is almost impossible to explain what intuition is because it is more of a sensation than a feeling or thought.

Intuition occurs in flashes that provide insight into situations we are facing at the time. Although the origin of the intuition cannot be traced, it is invaluable in saving us from bad eventualities.

Gut feeling

This is a feeling that seems to originate from the pits of the inner soul and, most often, indicates the need to be more alert of a situation.

There is a popular saying that gut feeling can save a man so there is need to pay close attention to what is happening within us.

Difficult situations

Spirit guides are able to see danger long before it happens and when they change our routine to avert the consequences, we fall into a situation of near impossibility.

Cases of people who forgot something important in the house, only to be late for the bus which had an accident, are common indications that spirit guides do actually exist.


There is no such thing as coincidences in the spiritual realm, because every event that happens is dictated by what we may call “supernatural forces.”

Take, for instance, bumping into someone that you haven’t seen for decades, somewhere across the world.

You may find yourself saying “it’s a small world,” but the low probability of such an event happening, points to something greater arranging our lives.

These events are called synchronicities and you can learn more about them from David Wilcock’s amazing book, The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You.

Although science has not been able to explain the presence of spirits that guide each human being, incidents of people recounting how close they were to danger yet they were saved by anout of sync incident makes it hard to refute that they exist.

While many people are busy finding fault in thinking in these lines, spiritualists who have embraced this line of thought have, in time, managed to perfect their interaction with their spirit guides. This makes them more conscious of their surrounding by listening to their gut in times of uncertainty.

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