Ok what has happened this very eventual month and last


Well lets go back about 18 months. I was seeing my GP Doctor for a routine something and asked him about a “patch” on my left arm. Was told by the Doctor that it was Dermatofibroma – No big deal and that it can be taken off in the Dr. Office  – Don’t worry about it.  So I left thinking great I do not have Skin Cancer. With my sister Merri passing away at 18 with Skin Cancer I was originally worried. Well Time passes and the little patch gets harder and bigger (was originally the size of a dime – now the size of a half dollar.)   Well in September I finally figured I need to go see a Dermatologist and verify the findings from a “Skin” Professional. Well it takes a month to see the doctor. That in my opinion is way too long. for a simple visit and consultation. Well the day finally arrived on October 12, 2009 – Cut to the chase they took a sample of the skin (numb it – cut out a sample under the skin) to send it to the lab. I was told it takes a week to get the results.  So I wait some more.  Dr. Office calls on the October 19th and says it is NOT Dermatofibroma but it is Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans – and yes it is cancerous.  Well I did not believe the nurse so the Dr. called the next day to really tell me what the issues is.   Bottom line – go see a specialist and get it removed.  That comes in the next post.

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