Thought Adjuster


Alabama, US of A, April 14, 2011.
Thought Adjuster. 
Subject: “What Will You Leave for Your Children?”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your media is doing a great disservice to the generation growing up in these times. The moral deterioration of humanity is becoming evident in what is projected on television. Your movies, your music, your television programs, your internet, and even your news, are focused on subjects which a few years ago would have been considered trivial, trite, reprehensible, and lacking in professionalism. The media is not the cause of the evils of humanity, merely a consequence, contributing by perpetuating the problems.

“How can one defend oneself from this bombardment of the absurd? The world requires examples of authentic lives. Develop your spirituality and live your lives dedicated to the will of the Father, so you can be examples to your peers. Develop authentic, sincere, and deep relationships with those around you, so they can feel inspired to follow you along the higher path. Be the peace in the middle of the storm so those who are confused by falsehood, and live under the weight of anxiety, may become motivated to ask for the source of that peace.

“You arrived at a time in your civilization when you have to decide if you will use the greater part of your resources and your time for self-satisfaction, or invest all in an effort to grow – what Michael called ‘fighting the good fight of the faith’. When a civilization cares only about self-gratification, it loses the momentum to keep evolving and it inevitably destroys itself. It happened in Mesopotamia, it happened in Greece, and it happened in Rome, to cite only a few examples. How is it that you don’t notice the symptoms of a historical disease that has been described in detail in your books and by your wise?

“The will of the Father will prevail in the end. It depends on you if you will continue on that path of growth, industry, exploration, philosophy, and true science, or if you will motivate your youth towards the easy pursuit of success and material rewards that are achieved with minimal effort. It is your choice to take one more step towards light and life in this world, or repeat another cycle of regression and re-discovery.

“The world needs adventurers and explorers who will dedicate their lives to find something beyond themselves to produce something that perhaps only the succeeding generations may enjoy, as you are able to enjoy the many comforts available today. What will you leave for your children at your departure from this world?”

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