You are – Abundant – Higherself


Abundance is your natural state. It is the rhythm allocated to you through the birth of your soul. You need simply to know this and seek within yourself the wealth of you. This wealth is your governance.

Yet in human format the ability to conceive this truth is elusive as it has become natural for you to seek that which is external to yourself in the form of acquisitions which you project as ‘abundance’. What you know as abundance is typically what you can see and own.

You cannot comprehend the subtle truth that you are All and in that All-ness there is no vestige of paucity or lack.
As you gently meander through the soul’s evolutionary cycle, you will gradually come into remembrance and acceptance of your natural form. It is the indigenous part of you that has no ending. During the course of your myriad journeys through the evolutionary worlds of time and space, you will at some point achieve the alchemy of wholeness. It takes men many many lifetimes to realise and know that they are ALL, and experience the All-ness beyond an intellectual comprehension through mergence with the Divine mind. In that state they simply ‘are’ and in need of nothing.

Until such time, it is advocated that you re-programme your thinking of dearth into one of abundance by initiating within yourself the knowledge that you cannot be anything but abundant through the presence of the divine within you. Your soul was created in perfection and it is through this perfection that you derive the abundance of your CREATOR.

If you are able to accept this rationale and begin to know that it is who you are then your vision will be inspired by this knowing. In other words you will begin to see through the eyes of abundance and think without limitation; as that which is abundant has not limit.

The use of the term abundance in your realm tends to have a material or possessory connotation. Yet this is invariably a very limited view point. Creation itself is abundant in divine energy and your planet in herself has much natural abundance birthed through the Creator’s mind. Yet rarely in your world is the panoramic view taken of abundance beyond a personal agenda. You cannot know what abundance is unless you come to know yourself and experience every facet of you as a divine entity.

You hold the power within you as abundant beings to create abundance in your outer world. You can also create whatever abundance you desire in your personal world. What you create should inevitably reflect you. Through life’s experiences abundant lessons can be learnt from the soul’s perspective through what you may term unpleasant or painful circumstances. Many of these adverse circumstances are meant to yield lessons that will enable the participant/s in the experience to find or gravitate closer to the God within. This is a step which harmonises their thinking with one that is closer to their true nature. It is from this point that an understanding of God and themselves will be birthed.

Need is an indicator of lack and lack is an indicator of perceived un wholeness. It is therefore a change in perception which is mandatory, for you to begin to manifest abundance in all areas of your life. All power lies within you and it for you to utilise and direct that power in a way that creates abundance. The power of you lies in your mind; and therefore the re programming of the mind is necessary so that you begin to project thoughts of abundance because it is who you are. Should you be lacking in confidence, self esteem, self belief or faith, then your creations cannot yield abundance and neither will you attract abundance.

You need also to rid yourselves of the programming of poverty consciousness and become more aligned with the abilities, qualities and essence of Christ consciousness. In a state of Christ consciousness you will only know abundance.

The reality of your 3rd dimensional world is that abundance has been associated with financial gains or what you tem money. Indeed as a ‘thing’ it can provide material wealth and trappings related thereto. Yet not everyone has abundance YET everyone is abundant. True abundance does not know lack because it is balanced on that fulcrum of equality. True abundance does not exist in your physical world.

Is there any ill or evil in having or wanting to have money? The answer is simply NO? It is the use of that money and the means used to acquire it that matters. If money is a staple in your structures and is necessary for living, then to shun it in its entirety would not be wise. In fact you cannot currently survive without it. Most activities revolve around it. How much you desire depends on your personal needs and wants. It is a means to an end not an end in itself. It is a mechanism for physical survival; and for the soul to have its journey and experience in your world, money is a necessity at this time.

Many do not appreciate that in past lives and through genetic coding they have brought the id of poverty consciousness with them into this incarnation. Many have take vows of poverty in various life times and made unsavoury oaths that have affected their journey, choices and abilities to create and attract abundance in this life time. Opportunities that will lead to abundance in various avenues or their lives cannot manifest due to these energetic blockages.
You are not POOR beings. You are spiritually wealthy divine souls who lack nothing and embody everything. As such you must exude the energy of abundance through the knowing of this and manifest it in your thinking. You often blame others or circumstances for holding you back. No one is responsible for you but you. It is your inability to see abundance on your path that keeps you stuck in a mire of lack and need.

It is indeed not easy to de programme eons of false programming. Yet if you are committed to working on yourselves you will each be able to source the root of your beliefs and begin the process of healing and re-programming,

Money is not necessarily evil; it is used for evil devices and acquired often though evil means. It does not carry a high vibration but serves a purpose. Man in his infancy is not yet ready to part with it; for he in general lacks a higher understanding and vision beyond the physical dimension. If you seek abundance in money then you can attract it or manifest it to serve your physical needs BUT always remember that there must be balance in all things.

Abundance does not mean excess- it means fullness and All-ness. It is all encompassing. In your abundance always must you seek to share and that includes, of yourself through service.

Abundance must breed humility in being and humility in sharing. It is not ornate in outlook. It is simply radiant.

When spirituality underpins your life and higher thinking is your level of intelligence, you will embrace your abundant nature without embarrassment and will be able to attract in abundance all you seek in your physical world; for what you seek shall always be in balance and for the sharing or giving.

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