“Time waits for no man” is a pretty famous quote. Time waits for no woman or child, either. The one thing we all have, yet none of us claim to have, is time.

Though we would ideally like to have enough for everything and everyone, that usually isn’t the case in an adult life. This is when we prioritize, whether consciously or not. Prioritizing according to where we feel most needed or obligated, instead of where we’re most loved and appreciated, can result in spending too much time working or helping, and not enough time enjoying life.

Some people realize that years are going by quickly and they are not really living as they would like. This may cause them to make small changes, or if left too long, may cause them to have an entire overhaul of their life, or, as it’s often called, a “midlife crisis.”

If you don’t make time for the ones who love you, eventually, you will grow apart. Too often, we make time for the ones who claim to need us: bosses, friends who are down on their luck, family members who are having some kind of drama… We tend to then put off those people who we love to spend time with but don’t ever seem to “need” us, and they always understand when we cancel for something “urgent.”

Eventually, “some other time,” will not exist.

If you think of how you’ve spent the past year, look at where you have invested the most time. Think of good friends that you have not seen or even spoken to in awhile. While there is no true “making up for lost time,” if, when looking back, you see that you’ve been neglecting any one person or people, be sure to make time for them from this day on.

When we’re young, we usually have so much free time that we do not have to plan. As we get older, our lives and our friends lives get more complex, and planning and scheduling becomes more important.

Many successful couples have one night per week that they block off for only each other as a “date night,” even when they have been together for many years. It may not seem like much, but it is a guaranteed 52 dates per year.

Connections between people to be kept strong must be attended to regularly, like a houseplant. It doesn’t need constant attention, but it does need regular attention. If not, it will wither after awhile but can be revived. If neglected too long, then no matter how much water you put on it, it’s just not coming back. 


found at http://www.happinessinyourlife.com/index.html
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