When it is Love


The Nature of Love –

1. Love is based on the powerful attraction between two people, an attraction which is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.

2. Love includes a deep empathy and understanding for the loved one. Empathy is the ability to feel as the other person feels and share intimately what the other person experiences.

3. Love is an emotion with great binding power. It fuses and unites two people into oneness, holding them together through many troubles, challenges, and problems.

4. True love desires the highest good of the loved one. When one loves another, he desires those things which will bring that person lasting joy; he would do nothing that would jeopardize the other’s eternal potential.

5. Love involves a willingness to share resources. The one who loves finds joy in sharing with the loved one his time, money, abilities, strengths, or any other resource available to him.

6. True love is highly durable. It recognizes and accepts imperfections in the other without loss of love, endures strains and challenges to the relationship, is not weakened by physical separation, and weathers problems without permanent damage.

7. Love is a living thing. While it is highly durable, it does require nourishment and care or it may begin to die. As long as the encouragement and nourishment are forthcoming, love continues to grow until it reaches perfection.

8. Love accepts the individuality and uniqueness of the loved one and receives joy from that. It allows the other freedom to act, decide, and move without constrictive jealousy or limitations.

9. Love is unity. Without jeopardizing the individuality of either party, love is a coming together into oneness of spirit, purpose, desires, and experiences. It’s ideal is expressed in the concept revealed to Adam: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

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