Preparation to cast out the Adversary

Part of being Prepared is to understand the Adversary and how to Properly Cast Out!

Casting out Evil Spirits…

Any Priesthood holder can effectively remove them with the proper verbiage…which is never discussed. It’s not in Priesthood manuals or ever taught in meetings.

I write this now because there is a rise in Evil and the Need is great to understand how to combat the forces that rise against us.

I do this of my own free will and will make no excuse or apology for doing so.

May we all stand firm against the presence of Evil and Never Shirk in our Duty and Obligations to Fight Evil wherever it resides.

A Devil, even an Arch Devil has tremendous power and it may take several attempts to cast/exorcise them out. An Arch Devil is very powerful and will not depart easily. A full possession is indicated when there is no white in the eyes…they are Purple!
It will take courage and determination to pick yourself up after being attacked by it and place your hands once again upon the afflicted person and start over…remember to hold firm in your faith and Know that You can do this!

Below is the verbiage that was given to me by a Seventy who used to write talks for the Brethren…and has since passed away. I feel strongly that this information is desperately needed to be shared. Therefore I shall, and make no excuse.

Anoint first and Seal the Anointing.
Ensure you say “by the Authority (not the Power) of the Melchizedek Priesthood!

Second place hands upon the crown of the head and state…

“By the Authority…”(Not the Power) of the Melchizedek Priesthood, “I cast out Any Devils, Demons, Evil or Unclean Spirits, or Negative Energy in this very instance and command that you never return!”

Third follow up immediately with…

“I Bless you with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost to fill you from the Crown of your Head to the Souls of your feet!”

Then proceed with Any additional words for the individual as you are prompted by the spirit.

Omission of any of the specific words or different use of vernacular will not give you the response of the evil spirits departure.

Satan and His followers are very cunning and Words Have Power!

1. A Priesthood holder has the Authority to act…Not the Power to act.

2. Naming the Entity is crucial to ensure it leaves…you can dismiss one, and leave the others because you failed to name them!

3. Demand departure immediately! If you fail to specify…they will leave, but only when they are ready. They may delay and linger for years, because Time and Space does Not exist in the Eternities!

4. Fill the Individual with the Holy Ghost, from the Crown of the Head to the Soles of the Feet…its Light will fill all the voids within and leave No darkened place for any Evil to hide.

5. Proceed to Bless the Individual as the Holy Spirit Prompts.

6. Complete the Blessing in the name of Our Savior Jesus Christ!


Copy and save this so you will always have it, you may wish to put a copy within your scriptures. Share with others when prompted as well.

May we All endure well and our good deeds outweigh the bad when we are judged.

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