21 Things you should know about BEFORE dating a Sagittarius

I was never one to completely rely on Astrology to explain why x,y, and z had happened to me or my friends. I thought reading our horoscopes whenever we felt lost without direction was a fun way to place the blame or gain insight on things we didn’t quite understand at the time. It was never a consistent thing.

But, each and every time I had downloaded one of those free Apps to ultimately determine my fate for the next 30 days, I started to notice a pattern. The traits of the signs of my friends and I weren’t so far off the mark– could this actually have some truth behind it? It was a pleasant surprise how much our signs truly resonated with each of us.

 Personally being a Sagittarius myself, I did a little more research and found these 21 things to be pretty spot on when it comes to the world of romance:

1. We are extremely independent and don’t need people to bring us down.

2. We don’t like to settle for less. Commitment is not the issue, we just want someone who is perfect for us.

3. If you break our trust, you probably won’t ever get it back.

4. Caring too much is one thing we battle with all the time.

5. We are forever thinking about and planning our future.

6. Don’t bother arguing with us– you’ll lose.

7. We enjoy our alone time. We can’t be with anyone who is too protective, nosy, or controlling.

8. Sometimes we don’t connect emotionally enough with people and then they assume we don’t care– but we do.

9. Although we have a lively personality, we are not an open book. We are private people.

10.  We are the soldiers of the zodiac and absolutely hate appearing weak.

11.  We can tolerate a lot but we will not tolerate cheaters!

12.  We feel so much and don’t say anything — but inside we are screaming.

13.  We are in tune with a person’s body language and their tone of voice.  This tells us everything we need to know when dealing with conflicts with you.

14.  We will always have a mask on covering our true emotions — you won’t know them unless we tell you.

15.  It takes a lot for us to truly fall in love.

16.  We usually give awesome advice, but rarely follow it ourselves.

17.  We are really observant.  

18.  We never sweat the small stuff and always try to remain positive — even in bad situations.

19.  We tend to let things fall in place, believing that whatever is meant to be will be.

20.  Once we have feeling for someone, those feeling will always be there.  Even if we may not feel the same way as we previously did — we will never stop caring about you.

21.  We will love you unconditionally — just don’t abuse that love.

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