How Do You Recognize the Man Who Will Love You Forever

Many women wonder if they will ever find the perfect man. The question is whether “the perfect man” actually exists. Certainly no man can be perfect, the same as no woman can be, but every woman is looking for her perfect “half”. As there are no recipes for perfect love, “the man’s perfect template” doesn’t exist either. However, there are some signs that may indicate if the man next to you is the one who will love you forever.

  1. He really listens to you. Mature males often do not listen properly. In part it is because they are always centered on themselves and their own problems. The man that loves you will try to solve all the problems before meeting you each day and will be able to give up his own ego to listen to you or to help you. It can be a very important component for a healthy relationship and if you find such a man, you feel loved and safe around him.
  2. He is well mannered. If a man feels that you are his half it can be something very simple to open the door when you exit a building, to hold your coat or to help you to carry a bag. Boys who are well educated will not be ashamed of such things and will do their best to be careful with you.
  3. He is committed in the relationship and says what he feels. The ability to communicate effectively is a sign of maturity. A man who can let the guard down and tell you what bothers him is one who shows you that he is fully committed in your relationship. He wants to know that you can rely on him to solve certain problems and that he is able to face all the life challenges together.
  4. He doesn’t make a fuss about your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but the person that will love you forever will accept your faults and will try to understand them. He will talk to you if something that you have done offended him. You may laugh together of such events, but he’ll never make you feel bad.
  5. He admits his guilt. A true gentleman will not try to blame others for his own mistakes. If he makes a mistake, he will not use excuses. He will not try to convince you that somehow there was your fault and will not try to manipulate you so that you think you misinterpreted the situation. He simply accepts he was wrong and will try to find a way to solve the situation.
  6. He pays attention to your feelings. The man that really loves you will consider you beautiful and smart. That is the reason he is with you. Maybe he will not tell you all the time how much he loves or appreciates you and will not observe all the time that you have a new dress or you have changed your hair style. But from time to time, he will notice and appreciate a smile on your face, a glitter in your eyes and even if he doesn’t make any remark, you will know that he cares about your feelings.
  7. He doesn’t’ start fights. Men are always competing, but a real man will never start a fight with you or with other persons in front of you. He will know that he does not have to demonstrate you his social value or financial success, because you appreciate him for what he is not for what he is trying to be.
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