If Your Guy/Gal Ever Does These 4 Things, DON’T MARRY HIM/HER

The foundation of a healthy relationship will always remain love and respect, no matter how the society evolves. In a loving relationship both partners have to communicate, show respect and affection one to another and they both have to work hard to bring peace and happiness around them.

But we live in a crazy world and there are a lot of relationships where partners seem to forget about the mentioned principles. And the most curious think is that many of these destructive relationships evolved despite early signs of dysfunction. There are some signs that show from the beginning you that you are going to develop such a relationship. For women, these signs should be deal breakers that scream “Don’t Marry Him!” The following four things should be a warning for every woman:

  1. Violence – You don’t have to wait to see what physical violence means to set off alarms. Excessive verbal outbursts or physical actions such as destroying property or objects in the house are sufficient signs that that person is a violent one. It will be nothing more than a matter of time before that violence is turned towards his partner in the form of physical abuse.
  2. Infidelity – It is said that someone who was a cheater once will always be a cheater. Once you cross the line, you will always keep that desire and you will do it again sometime. If your partner has a history of infidelity or he cheats you at the beginning of your relationship, it means that he doesn’t show respect to the opposite sex. Your relationship won’t grow if you forgive him once.
  3. Addiction – There are many forma of addiction: drug abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction or compulsive gambling. They are all highly destructive behavioral problems that tend to take down anything in its path. Trying to “save” your partner from any type of addiction is almost impossible. Most of the times, it is a lost cause, because most addicts need intensive counseling and support just to gain and ounce of abstinence and, women are ill-prepared to “fix” a sick addict.
  4. Extreme Possessive Behavior – Extreme jealousy and ownership over the partner shows that that person is actually suffering from issues of low self-esteem and lack of self- confidence. Each partner has to understand the others’ need for social interaction. And it is important to know that possessive behavior often leads to violence.

If you experience one or more of these behaviors from your partner in your relationship, you should consider to leave him, because you deserve more than that. Take your time and the right man/woman will be there for you.

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