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Oh the beauty of Gods creation

Posted December 28, 2009 By Mark

Right before our eyes – Check this out
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2009 coming to a close

Posted December 28, 2009 By Mark

Not fast enough for me.



As we say farewell to this rather dismal decade, which opened with Millennial celebrations of a New World Order and The End of History, and has been thoroughly disfigured by terrorism, economic stupidity, inept political leadership and untrammeled vulgarity of public tastes, I dare to hope for somewhat better things (for the world as well as my family and self).

Readers will have noticed that Copenhagen was about as complete a mockery as was forecast, here and elsewhere. Thousands of protesters, festooned with banners about the water level in Tuvalu, and dressed as polar bears and seals, inanely screaming at the earnest Global Coolers, had to be restrained by the gentle Danish police.

Most of the world’s most odious leaders were present, demanding trillions of dollars to assist them in green development. Zimbabwe’s infamous Robert Mugabe, who has violated every clause of the Clarence House agreement which conferred independence on Rhodesia, and has terrorized the country and reduced its standard of living by 99%, accused the advanced nations of trying to disguise the baleful effect of their carbon emissions on all mankind behind trivial concerns about the absence of human rights in Zimbabwe.

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Update on hand accident

Posted December 7, 2009 By Mark

Well the specialists says everything is progressing as it should.  Go and get it re-splinted and see me on the 21st.  As RaceTrac will not let me come back to work until 100% that puts me out for another 4+ weeks.  Their choice not mine.  They can explain that issue with the insurance company who is picking up the tab and increasing their premiums.

Sorry about the commentary.  I understand not coming back early – if you get hurt more – some one could sue.  But still some work is cheaper than none one would think.

2009 quickly coming to a close

Posted December 6, 2009 By Mark

November has come and gone and December is now upon me.  And the wait for activity with AH continues.  I have learned the importance of patience and learning life lessons.  You need to keep pushing on.