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Learn how to heal your spirit by identifying spiritual wounds and practicing spiritual hygiene.

As a society, we value our bodies more than our minds, and our minds more than our souls. This is apparent even in children.

Take the example of toddlers who know that they must brush their teeth twice a day, and that if they get a cut they must tend to it to avoid making it more painful.

We know how to heal our bodies. We cleanse wounds from outside and aid the healing process from within, with pharmaceuticals.

However, we do not do the same for our minds.

And though we experience psychological and emotional hurt and pain more often than physical hurt, we tend to avoid taking care of them. Are we not guilty of being unkind and unloving towards ourselves, often?

Still, many of us ‘know’ how to heal our minds. We cleanse it of excess, negative, and self-critical thoughts through meditation.

But what about our spirits? What are the wounds that we often experience and we let fester? How do we take care of them?

Spiritual Hurt that We Experience Regularly

Humans are kind by nature. This kindness stems from our inner child that wishes to openly embrace others with an undefended heart and to give freely; and, in the processes, allows us to transcend and expand our consciousness.

However, we often drown our inner voice and restrain ourselves from following its wise council. And, when we avoid it, we do experience a slight tingle of guilt, sadness, and even remorse.

For instance:

  • We see someone in need on the road, think of helping them but impulsively move along — perhaps because we’re in a hurry, think nothing of it, or hope someone else would do it instead of us
  • We committed to meet someone at a specific time, but show up late
  • When someone is angry at us, we feel anger towards that person as well
  • We hear news about suffering in the world and we suppress experiencing compassion, fearing not to be overwhelmed by it

All of us experience these feelings, in various circumstances of our lives. And, most of the time, we walk away with a sense of guilt about our response or reaction — because a part of us tells us that we did not do what was right.

This guilt and self-criticism leaves spiritual wounds, which, if left untended, harden our hearts and cloud our spiritual judgment.

Spiritual Hygiene — Methods of Healing Spiritual Hurt

The impact of spiritual hurt can appear in different forms. For instance:

  • A realization that something is holding you back whenever you yearn towards a higher experience — as if you have been ‘ticketed’, and your dues remain unpaid.
  • You may experience a sense of disengagement with your ‘self’ — a loneliness that you experience while knowing that people around you do care about you.
  • Constant thoughts about how your reactions/response could have been interpreted by the other person and may have hurt them — an ‘unresolved reassessment’ of how you have treated others.

These, among other signs, indicate that you have both a spirit that is working on higher frequencies and that your spirit is calling out for you to tend to its hurt.

How do you heal your spirit?

3 Ways of Healing the Spirit

Being kind to someone else — Kindness, compassion, and empathy rejuvenate and heal the spirit.

So, if you have missed an opportunity of being helpful and kind to someone, then make a mental note of being kind to someone else that day or that week.

Being kind to yourself — Its human to err.

However, allowing yourself to experience the hurt of others through empathy and compassioncan transform your spirit.

Being harsh on yourself for not being able to respond to the needs of others is damaging to your spirit. You must be kind and generous to yourself as well.

This means forgiving yourself with the same compassion as you would forgive others.

Pray — Healing the spirit is not only about connecting with yourself but also with the Abundance that the universe has to offer and seek positivity within yourself.

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Love! Oh dear oh my oh my…I think we will all agree, romantic love is one of the most powerful experiences a human being can have. When we fall in love, we are at the whim of forces far beyond our control: dynamic, ancient, and mysterious…dun dun dun…

My experiences of love relationships have profoundly shaped who I am and how I experience other people. I’ve been in and out of all kinds of relationships, and they are all different and strangely similar…short term, long term, marriage, polyamory, flings, long distance, on again off again, co-dependent, interdependent… And perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that a person is NOT the relationship you have with them! They are a dynamic being, changeable, at once perfect and faulty, and very importantly….as am I…

In this day, and in the Conscious Communities I’ve been part of, there are powerful concepts around what a relationship is, and how men and women should be together. In this day and age Tantric Practices, the Divine Feminine and Masculine Paradigm, and Spirituality in general are highly likely be important elements of conscious relationships. These practices, by their very nature, trigger change and transform.

Transformation is challenging

People who consider themselves part of the Conscious Community (myself included), in my experience, can be going through transformation processes and periods of deep personal growth on a reasonably regular basis. In transformation, we experience new energies, ideas, and parts of ourselves. This can have a huge influence on the way we experience Love. This can be confusing, exciting, painful, enlightening, scary, or all of the above. In my life this has brought all sorts of blessings (the light) and wrecked all sorts of havoc (the shadow)…

So for me, remembering these things, ladies and gentlemen, is the secret to Staying Conscious in Love!:

Let go of the concept of a relationship

As with all things in this world, the Concept of a Thing is not the Thing itself. If we want to live a more conscious and liberated life, we need to realize that the truth is not in the mind, and its NOT in the past or the mainstream media! My concept of how things will be in relationships has historically been spectacularly wrong. I hereby admit I am and have been a Love-Sick Fool. However, as time goes on I have slowly grown to understand more about myself and others through Love, in ways that I could not have imagined…

I’ve done this be practicing accepting that there is no ‘right way’ to have a relationship, because we are all different and changing. And also very importantly, each person in the relationship experiences the relationship differently. This is to say that they are each in a different relationship in their mind! No wonder its confusing! 

By staying present to the situation at hand, with the person whom I love, helps me to be real and open about what is happening for me, without distraction from illusions.

Letting go of the concept of the other person(s) frees them

I have in the past been made painfully aware of the power of projection in relationships. In a past relationship, both my partner and I were going through really tough times related to mental and physical health, which put huge pressure on the relationship. As such I blamed the relationship for my problems, which led to resentment and feeling trapped. One thing I’m deeply sad about is the times that this dynamic stopped me from seeing the other person. I had built up in my mind an idea of this person as being the source of the trouble, but in actual fact, they were truly being a good friend to me, as best they could, given all the stuff going on in their life. The shadow in relationships can fly around and obscure the truth, and the other person. Indeed in my life, the unconscious shadow has been the major cause of dysfunction:

“Everyone carries a shadow” Gustav Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is”. He stated the shadow to be the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone topsychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. Jung writes that if these projections remain hidden, “The projection-making factor (the Shadow archetype) then has a free hand and can realize its object (target)–if it has one–or bring about some other situation characteristic of its power.”

A person is not a relationship, a person is a person.

Seeing the truth means letting go of the concept of myself

So I need to be aware of the Shadow! To bring it into the Light! In my experience as a therapist and an artist, revealing the shadow, in a safe controlled environment, has led to an incredible deepening of my understanding of myself. Likewise and by extension, my understanding of the other person(s). We aredark and light! we are primal, powerful, mysterious! You are changing! I am changing! We are changing together! Part of this process is that the shadow will come up, it will respond to the shift. At this time it is crucial to not make the shadow the enemy. This only sends that part of life further into hiding…If we want to be conscious, we must use our spiritual power to destroy the illusion that obscures our deeper selves. We need to do this while being gentle with ourselves and others.

In self acceptance we find that we are free to be what ever we are…

What is your truth?

How can we come to value and honor the shadow aspect?

In my experience, working on my shadow aspect has made me more conscious, and helped me to understand more of the depth of what it really means to be me. We need to take time for ourselves to give ourselves the attention we deserve.

Ultimately, these 3 important things have helped me transform the shadow:

1 . Trust the Bigger Process I’ve had to be patient! Stuff that was hidden in me wasn’t used to being seen, it took a long time between knowing there was things hidden, and those parts of me coming to light.

2. Ask for Help In times past, I have soldiered on in all kinds of phases of trying to be strong, trying to be the idea of some ‘divine manifestation’ of myself. I’ve risen and fallen and risen again, and changed so much. The times which I let down my guard, asked for or accepted help, taught me so much about love. I believe we need to connect regularly with people who can really hear us, and honor our lightand dark sides. Importantly, when this help has come from a friend, a mentor or a healer, it hastaken pressure off the relationship.  We cannot be everything for each-other, no matter how much Divine Feminine and Masculine we are channeling ;).

3. Respond Creatively Journal your experiences! Look at your feelings by expressing them through words or art. Learn about yourself and your hidden self through creativity. Creative expression is so often marred by expectations and pressures to perform or produce. The truth is however, that the tools of expression have been so powerfully important to my process that I cannot imagine life without them. Indeed, expressing one’s story through creative process is one of the great joys of being alive, at once empowering, revealing, and liberating.

In this way, I have come to accept my Shadow through creative expression. Once I see the truth inside me by making art, I can let it go…the creative process moves the energy, freeing me up for the next step. Importantly, it means I can deal with my Shadow without putting pressure on the relationship.

4. Embrace the Hidden Integration means moving towards integrity. As I have moved through life, sharing my truth and hearing the truths of others has been essential for happiness. It gives meaning, allows access to deeper personal resources and ultimately has helped me to likewiseTransform the Shadow in Relationships.

“The truth is in there” ?

We have  the ability to see and transform the shadow, gently and honestly, accessing the deep resources within. This process for me has been precious, essential to happiness, and ultimately enriches my relationships with people and the wider cosmic playground of life. It is a Journey!  Mutual-love


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Mental Health — Can Yoga Improve It?

Posted March 28, 2016 By Mark



Beside the benefits we know yoga has on the physical aspect of our body, there has been some significant proof that yoga can also improve our mental health.

Many yoga practitioners report significant benefits on what we call “mental health.”

One way of understanding this is, whether is exercising in general or yoga in particular, if we put our bodies to work, this will have a positive impact to our physical and mental health.

Simply put, you will experience a calmer, clearer and stress-free mind — and that is becausethe mind and the body are not separate.

If we do something to the body, it will affect the way the mind works. Consequently, if we do something that benefits the body, the mind will experience the benefits as well.

But it’s important to say that there are limits to that.

Yoga for the body, benefit your mind (physical health = mental health)

Yoga does not only benefit the mind, whilst you work with the body — it is a multi dimensional approach.

Firstly, while you work on the body and experience all the physical benefits of yoga, your mental health improves as a consequence and, as your mental health improves, your body will experience the benefits as well.

Working directly on the mind with yoga is largely done through meditation techniques. And the breathing technique is the link between the two.

Many different types of yoga can have mental benefits. If you are curious to know what type of yoga is going to be the most beneficial for mental health, then we will have to look at something that has a comprehensive approach.

It has to include techniques that work on the body (yoga postures), as well as techniques that work on the breathing and on the mind (different types of meditation techniques).

As a result, at the end of a yoga session, the participants are left with an amazing feeling of peace and well-being, and that is precisely why they keep going back for more.

Does yoga bring about the change you are looking for in your life?

Mental health is not necessarily a diagnosis for a mental disorder, but a sharp mind that functions at its full capacity.

Depression and anxiety are very real and a growing concern in the modern world. Yoga is a methodology and a system that not only brings benefits in terms of physical health, but also mental health.

Hence, those suffering from depression or anxiety should consider yoga and meditation, before staring on the path of pharmaceuticals.

Happiness is another word that we can use to describe mental health.

The Power of a Personal Yoga practice

The way that yoga really works best, is when we develop a personal practice, one that fits our style in that particular period of our lives.

This way, we will basically take advantage from both the general and the particular yoga benefits. The particular one is going to have a more potent effect on us.

So, a personal practice addresses an individual need. To have a suitable personal practice, a far more powerful way would be having a teacher. A teacher who will help you develop a suitable, personal practice just for you.


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Your true partner has already been decided; it is set above. It is already a commitment, without even knowing, it is an event set to happen by you.  The cosmos knows. Your soul knows. Your gut instinct knows. You have been partners many lifetimes before. There is nothing ‘ new’, it feels like you have been married a hundred times before. The other person knows what to say or not say, to evolve the process.


You will always come back to each other, or stick together in some way because of the enormous magnetic pull to each other. As they say in the movie Avatar ‘ I see you’. Those words are more then ‘I love you’.

The words have many more dimensions behind it.  ‘I see your soul.’

I love your soul, with all aspects that goes with it. Everything. The whole package. – This is the ‘I see you’. 

Many people do not find it appealing anymore, to marry the traditional ways. We say vows we do not feel in the heart, sign a ‘contract’ for an institute and spend a lot of money on a sacred ceremony that transcends the need for material.

Relationships of the Past

There is a time and place for everything. You cannot change someone’s feelings, and you cannot ‘ make it work’, when it has already been broken and the other person is not fighting for l003ove. It takes two to Tango, It is a lover’s dance…

Someone who does not want to be in their power (commitment to themselves) will never be able to commit to you.
On the road of your past relationships and affairs, you learned who you are,  what you need to shine, bloom, blossom and stay strong in a world, that has so many challenges.

You learned about your personality and your ego-aspects. You learned how to be a strong person, and how to make a future partner a powerful and strong person by the vibration you are able to send in a connection based on Truth. That is how you love in a way that makes the other person stronger, not weaker.

Your reflection – Meeting yourself

When you find someone, who is true to their own soul,  who has taken all the time, to find out their own pains, heals them self, and created the strength to get out of it… They are able to commit to you.

They need to be true to their ESSENCE. And that takes wisdom, soul searching, falling down and standing up. When you are committed to yourself, because you have seen both the darkest and the lightest places, you are able to ‘ see’ your reflection in someone else.

When you feel a partner is living from the heart, and loves themselves, you will not have a fear-based relationship.

For instance, your partner can be in a room with twenty beautiful other people or they can travel the world without you. You can let him have thousands of friends and you just have ‘ peace and trust’, because you know the commitment is from the heart.

It is a divine connection. You both have rest/stillness and calm, NOT a fear-based relation. You can have your own travel, your own path, and yet…. You know the path of your loved one, is right next to yours. You can sit back, and breathe. When you have peace and rest with a partner, it is, because you feel you can trust this person. And you know you can trust yourself.


Marriage without a True Heart Connection

So many traditional marriages ‘ break’ because it is not a relationship based on a heart connection. It is not based on a true soul-travel. It is based on outside factors like social standards.

Things like money, safety, and a longing for someone to make you feel whole are some are the main reasons we rush to get married.

It’s an act of proving that you love someone, that you’re really committed, when isn’t just loving them enough? Why do we need to prove that our love is real? It should be obvious to all who look.

Most people struggle with the idea of self-love and how it is to feel safety INside themselves. When you are able to give yourself attention, feed yourself with soul-food, love, and fulfillment: You do not need to find love externally. It is always existing inside you already.

Darkness dissolves in The Light of Love

The energy of the heart is so strong, much more powerful than the power of the mind. We don’t give it the credit it truly deserves.

In a cosmic marriage, all the ‘ unseen’ and dark places hidden deep in the heart will appear in the light of love. Darkness will always peak in the heights of ‘ being in love’. Love is the highest vibration. Darkness is a much lower vibration.

005If someone loves you truly, all the unseen aspect will come up for they are showing you what you can change. Just breath, walk, sing, dance, cry, and let it be ‘ there’. Do not judge your fears and insecurities.

When we can genuinely say ‘ Thank you’, and ‘I see you’, we create real transformation within us. Do not think your lover is the cause of this pain. See it differently. Your lover is only picking up the mirror, and wants to heal you by showing you all the aspects of yourself. Sometimes we don’t want to look, but that is the only way to grow.

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Learn How To Cultivate Your Spirit

Posted March 14, 2016 By Mark



Gain clarity of purpose and live a more meaningful and internally peaceful life by learning the habits of people who have cultivated their spirits.

Spiritual cultivation is different from cultivating your mind. It is about becoming one with not just your current environment, but to understand that all of us are part of the reality of the cosmos, we are from it, merge with it, and reborn from it. Hence, you find tranquility and oneness with time itself.

Why is cultivation of the spirit important?

Because it makes us more emotionally intelligent and aware of ourselves. Every one of us is responsible for cultivating our spirits.

Think of it as mental hygiene, and just like we have trained ourselves to take care of our physical body, we must also take care of our spirits. And just like we cultivate habits for maintaining a healthy body, we can cultivate habits for keeping our spirit and, consequently, our minds, healthy.

Only by cultivating our spirit can we occasionally rise above ourselves and towards a higher consciousness.

The following are some powerful habits that help you can cultivate your spirit on a regular basis. The good news is that all of them can seamlessly fit into your routine, without much effort.

Set a fixed time for Spiritual Cultivation

Making time for something is often the hardest part, and given our busy work lives, it often comes as an additional commitment that we find hard to abide by.

But what if you could simply make the act of waking up as part of your commitment to spiritual cultivation?

Rising early has been the de’ facto time for cultivating the spirit across civilizations. The pre-dawn wee hours allows the body to summon energizing energies from the environment and purify your body and spirit.

When you rise early, the body is already refreshed — your mind and body are empty, relaxed, active, and refreshed.

It is during this time that a few minutes of meditative silence, followed by the right food, can dramatically increase your attunement to your spirit.

So make the habit of sleeping and rising early according to your work-schedule. I say this because many people have late night shifts, hence have a different sleep cycle.

Although the pre-dawn hours are undoubtedly the best time for cultivating your spirit, going to sleep and waking up early will still allow you to wake up refreshed — and your mind and body ready for absorbing the right energies.

Inculcate Respect for What You Consume

Your spirit takes energy from its surrounding. This includes the energies that you directly or indirectly allow it to absorb. For example:

  • The company of the people and the environments you hang out in for appreciable time,
  • The amount and type of content that you consume (audio, video, text, thoughts etc.),
  • The food that you eat.

The fact is that like your physical body, your spirit is also prone to contamination and toxification. Hence, as you turn inwards to cultivate and nurture your spirit, respecting and paying attention to what you allow yourself to consume becomes very important.

Start with your food. Introduce a dieting plan that focuses on healthier eating habits (and not just the food that you eat) and fasting at certain times of the year.

By respecting the food that you consume, you are also committing yourself to an ethos of healthy eating habits, something that our culture of fast-food consumption is destroying.

Move towards reducing your consumption. Most of us consume too much content (ranging from movies to reveling in our fancies or self-critical talks).

As a result, we do not spend time crafting our responses to stimuli (e.g. how we react to a bad decision, a bad day, our happiness, someone else’s happiness, etc.).

Reduce it and you will automatically gain more time for your inner journey.

Connect with the right people and right environment. Start saying no to toxic people and environments.

Whenever you feel that your mood and energy is draining, walk away and spend a few seconds reflecting on why you were bothered by it.

At first, it will feel awkward, but with time you will gain better insights about yourself and your triggers. This will allow you to connect with your personal values and understand the principles you want to abide by.

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Spirit guides are always by our side during the challenging moments of our lives and whenever we are asking for their help. The way they interact with us may not be the most obvious one, but they are always there — so pay attention!

Do not be too quick to dismiss your gut feeling as paranoia because the universe gives each one of us strength to fall back on. You do have to be overly spiritual to accept that spirit guides exist, but if you will dedicate every day some of your time to spirituality, you will start seeing the evidence.

Every soul has a guide that watches over, educates and nurtures it in all aspects of life. Most of us grew up calling these spiritual beings our guardian angels and this is the role that they live up to.

Spirit guides are instrumental in finding our life’s purpose and in fulfilling our spiritual and earthly responsibilities.

Although in our human form we cannot see or interact with them, there are ways of listening to them and knowing that it is them who are speaking to your situations.

Signs that spirit guides are watching over us:


It is almost impossible to explain what intuition is because it is more of a sensation than a feeling or thought.

Intuition occurs in flashes that provide insight into situations we are facing at the time. Although the origin of the intuition cannot be traced, it is invaluable in saving us from bad eventualities.

Gut feeling

This is a feeling that seems to originate from the pits of the inner soul and, most often, indicates the need to be more alert of a situation.

There is a popular saying that gut feeling can save a man so there is need to pay close attention to what is happening within us.

Difficult situations

Spirit guides are able to see danger long before it happens and when they change our routine to avert the consequences, we fall into a situation of near impossibility.

Cases of people who forgot something important in the house, only to be late for the bus which had an accident, are common indications that spirit guides do actually exist.


There is no such thing as coincidences in the spiritual realm, because every event that happens is dictated by what we may call “supernatural forces.”

Take, for instance, bumping into someone that you haven’t seen for decades, somewhere across the world.

You may find yourself saying “it’s a small world,” but the low probability of such an event happening, points to something greater arranging our lives.

These events are called synchronicities and you can learn more about them from David Wilcock’s amazing book, The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You.

Although science has not been able to explain the presence of spirits that guide each human being, incidents of people recounting how close they were to danger yet they were saved by anout of sync incident makes it hard to refute that they exist.

While many people are busy finding fault in thinking in these lines, spiritualists who have embraced this line of thought have, in time, managed to perfect their interaction with their spirit guides. This makes them more conscious of their surrounding by listening to their gut in times of uncertainty.

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