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A young boy of 16 years went to a spiritual master to seek knowledge. The guru was a great enlightened spiritual master who had taken up the life-long task of serving humanity through his spiritual teachings. Upon reaching the ashram and taking some rest, the boy met the master early next morning. The master was a short bearded man with matted hair. He wore a long flowing saffron robe.

Upon seeing the master, the boy was reminded of another bearded swami in traditional saffron attire that he had met 4 years back. The previous man was a fake swami who had cheated his family of a small fortune. After that painful incident, the boy had developed a strong prejudice against all bearded swamis in saffron color clothing. Upon only seeing the sight of his new master, the boy had already determined that the master was fake based on his looks and attire.

The boy started to study under the master. He could not however get rid of the impression that he had about all people in saffron clothes. Whatever the master would say would pass through the boys’s mind as filtered through this prejudice. Let us see some examples of the conversations between master and the boy (disciple)

Master says ” You should do selfless service as it is good for your spiritual advancement”
Disciple hears “This fraud swami wants me to work free for him.”

Master says “Buy the Dhammapada book for the next class”
Disciple hears “Here he goes again, this man has found a way to sell his books for monetary gain”

Master says “ Our tradition highly reveres teachers, just like God.”
Disciple hears “This fraud just wants to brainwash me into being subservient towards him.”

Needless to stay, the boy could not get any benefit from the teachings despite having such a great teacher. Despite the best outward environment, he threw away a great learning opportunity due to his inward environment.

Moral of the above story:
However good the teacher, however good his intention, it is completely up to each one of us to derive benefit from the teachings. Our minds generally hear only what we want to hear. The tendency of the mind is to take any teaching and color it with our own limited beliefs and understanding, and thus the original message can get corrupted if we do not keep an open mind.

While mental prejudice is one hurdle to gaining knowledge, another risk is complete misunderstanding of the message given. Many hundred years back, a number of misinterpretations of what a masters said about the Bhagvat Gita led to a mistaken understanding among a small section of society. This group of people came to believe that their spiritual master had said “Do not keep the Bhagavat Gita at home, for it will bring strife in between family members like it happened between the Pandavas and Kauravas”. Such foolish misunderstandings of the teachers words are common, and the guru cannot be blamed for it.

When the Buddha attained enlightenment, it is said that he completely stopped talking. When disciples asked “Master, why don’t you speak?”, he replied “People who understand will understand without me speaking, people who do not understand will not understand despite my speaking. What is the point of me speaking then?” The disciples said “Master, you are right. However there are some of us who are sitting on the fence between ignorance and knowledge. Speak to us so we can cross over the fence to the side of knowledge”. And thus the ever compassionate Buddha spoke again.

Thus, if we want to benefit from any teaching, we need to be willing to “sit on the fence between ignorance and knowledge”. The prerequisite to gaining knowledge is thus an open mind that is free of prejudice – a mind that takes the effort to clearly understand and if not clarify the knowledge that is being taught.

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By creating change, one becomes a co-Creator

Posted October 28, 2011 By Mark

Life is Movement. Movement is Change. Every time a sub-molecular particular swings through time and space, something is changing. Change, therefore, is inevitable. It is the nature of life itself. The trick in life is not to try to avoid change, but to create change.

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Posted October 28, 2011 By Mark

It’s good to be aware that a certain amount of fear is going to accompany every change in your life—a change for the worse or a change for the better. Knowing this can stop you from moving into fear about Change Itself. If you start fearing change generically you could wind up shrinking from ever making any kind of change at all for the rest of your days—even a change that obviously should be made for your own good.

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The “Gates” of TRing – Daniel Raphael

Posted October 3, 2011 By Mark


The “Gates” of TRing

We are creeping closer  and closer to the phenomena of TRing as an intimate, personal, and social experience of your spiritual development.  Today’s post will now explore the personal challenges each individual will experience as he or she confronts this pragmatic frontier of spiritual development.


Learning to meditate and enter into “the stillness” is a necessary step for talking to beings of light.  In the stillness you become sensitive to the presence of another and hear them speak to you.   When you still your mind to meditate, you have completed a necessary step to talk to angels and other beings of light.  With practice you can learn to differentiate between your own mind-talk and what you hear from a spiritual being.  There are some very fundamental steps that must be taken to empower this quickly:

GATES of PERMISSION for WORKING with SPIRITUAL BEINGS of Light (Angels are used as example.)

Necessary premises, assumptions and permissions:

1.     I believe angels actually exist.

2.     I believe that a guardian angel loves me and eternally cares for me and wants to aid me in my spiritual journey.

3.     I believe that I can talk to angels.

4.     I believe that angels can hear me.

5.     I believe that angels can talk to me.

6.     I believe that it is possible to hear my Guardian Angel.

7.     I want to have a conscious, personal, ongoing, and sacred co-creative relationship to exist between myself and my angels.

8.     I hereby give my guardian angel permission to develop a conscious, personal, ongoing, and sacred relation­ship with me.

10.   I give myself permission to have a conscious, personal, ongoing, and sacred relationship with my guardian angel.

11.   I hereby give my guardian angel authority to take any action for my highest and greatest good according to God’s will and plan for my life.


It is helpful as introduction to distinguish the various processes of thinking.  This is a necessary activity as you examine your thinking while TRing.  As a TR you will become quite amazed at how much “spare time” you have to think about your thinking and what is going on, what is beings said, and what is NOT being said.  During TRing you are really a passive observer of what is going on through you, without injecting or coloring the message with your own agendas.  Understanding the types of thinking activities that are occurring in your mind will help you maintain the separation of your self from that of the spiritual being coming through you.  Not everyone has this unbiased ability, so discern accordingly.

●  Active thinking – Cognitive processing ….

●  Reflective thinking – reviewing past experiences.  What was the lesson from that experience?  What did I learn?  Why is this important?  What is the wisdom it is telling me?

●  Contemplative – A semi-conscious but focused and wordless dialogue with “Cosmic Mind,” which may be accompanied with metaphors, mind-pictures, and similar mind phenomena.

●  Intuitive – With intention, consciously and actively projecting your consciousness to another time or place to receive awareness.

●  Meditative – In the stillness you become open to contact with Spirit for receiving guidance without thought, words, or mind-pictures.  The insights and guidance may not show up in your life until a later date/time.


“What is my intent and motive for having a conscious, personal, and ongoing relation­ship with my guardian angel?  Is my intent for spiritual growth or to support my ego?”

A fully conscious co-creative relationship with angels, who work in God’s light and love, can only exist when the mortal has the right intent and motives for that relationship.  It is the mortal who must ask why they want to have a relationship with their guardian angel.

If your intent is to bolster your ego, your guardian angel may introduce you to some living situations to learn humility.  A relationship with your guardian angel is not a means to avoid working through your personal issues, but a means to work through them successfully and quickly.  Though a personal, conscious relationship with an angel is not conditional, a conscious, ongoing relationship with her will occur sooner when it will aid your journey of spiritual growth and moral maturity.


Sincerity has to do with the appreciation for your relationship with your guardian angels.  Your attitude toward this relationship is a measure of the depth of your sincerity.  If you are insincere, your attitudes about it may be blasé, indifferent, aloof, and casual and you may see this relationship as being superficial to your life.  If your intent is to have this relationship but your sincerity is superficial, an attitude adjustment lesson may be in be just around the corner.  You can be sure that your guardian angel will not initiate steps for a fully conscious relationship with you until you are prepared for it with the right intent and right degree of sincerity.  It is not that your guardian angel wants to remain distant from you.  It is because the conscious relationship you establish with your guardian angel has the potential to last thousands of years, and it needs to get off to a good start with good intent and genuine sincerity.




Humility and Consciousness are the paramount features of effective TRing.  Consciousness is the awareness of your self as you enter into the stillness of listening within.

In TRing, you become aware of your self as distinct from the Spiritual being you are hearing.  During this activity, you continually monitor this distinction as a guard against your own mind-voice becoming integrated with the Spiritual being.  That is, you become capable of hearing the voice of the Spiritual guest as different from your own mind’s voice.

This separation clearly separates the consciousness of the TR and the presence of the Spiritual visitor.



Meditation and proceeding to the stillness is an act of immense humility.  It is to travel to a center of all peace, release, and “letting.”  It is a journey of active listening within your mind … without expectation, or even anticipation.  To go to the stillness is a pilgrimage to a meeting space where you wait for the speaker to come to you.  The “listening place” will always be a place where you maintain respect and admiration for the privilege of being there with “ordinary” angels or it might be a being of divine nature.


Preparing your attitude, intentions, values, beliefs, and expectations for meditation and TRing is the most important preparation you can make for all of the experiences that will follow.  These must be clarified and aligned to remove any conflicts that may interrupt your relationship with the celestial speaker and the content of the message.


Listen to what?  Many people enter into meditation without an intention.  For them, the experience is a wonderful place of peace and stillness.  I apologize if what I am about to say appears superficial, but this practice is essential for good mental health, which is the bedrock of spiritual growth.  Yet, ironically, it does not engage the student in a spiritual field.

To do so, the student must state the intention of meditation as an opportunity to receive spiritual wisdom from a spiritual source — a place of “downloading” to the mortal mind.  This, too, is essential for spiritual growth, but still seems rather passive, to me.

To truly engage spiritual beings of light in your meditations, you must come to stillness and peace; then, open your mind for downloading of wisdom, by your intention.

And, lastly, Ask a Question to receive answers.  What I was told long ago when I first began was this, “No questions, no answers.”  That is where the listening comes into play.  I have found that Angels and other beings of light who are personally associated with you and your plan of life/living are particularly susceptible to questions directed to them.  It is a part of their personal responsibility to develop a functional, ongoing, and conscious relationship with you, and you with them.  This is a fundamental element of your infinite journey of spiritual growth, particularly after you crossover to the next level of existence.

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