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Another exciting week

Posted November 27, 2009 By Mark

Well I figure I must be doing something right as the testing continues.  This past week continues the saga.  This time I slipped outside on the grass at work and landed on the concrete with my  left hand.  Well after multiple doctors opinion the specialist says no surgery and puts my little finger in place and splints it to stay that way for two weeks.  I hope it is over soon as I do not like missing work.  The bills keep coming regardless.  So I am very sore as the fall was no fun.  I will update this with more photos.

Cancer Surgery – Continued

Posted November 19, 2009 By Mark

Well – stitches stay in for a while longer.  Healing is going fine just need more time.  As tender as it has been lately I could tell.  Got more information on what I need to do for lifestyle changes.  Here is the majority of the information –


Exercise (three + times a week)

  1. Get a good heart rate monitor – something like a Polar?
  2. Get a good program / routine that has lots of different things.
  3. Track your progress – why the Polar?
  4. 20-30 minutes – should be enough – your body will tell you if you need more
  5. Weight bearing exercise for muscle building and toning
  6. Swimming is great as it gives you the resistance as well as buoyancy


  1. Get off the Meat, Dairy and Processed food, (including Soda’s)
  2. Occasional is fine but very occasional. Not at all is better – take it slow but get their
  3. Natural vitamins – get a good one and stay with it – it takes time to see the benefit
  4. Example – 20-30 minutes a day of sunlight for vitamin D – natural source and cheap!
  5. Don’t forget men specific vitamins – stay natural as much as possible
  6. Fruits and veggies – variety and quality
  7. Get a Juicer and use it – carrot juice daily will also help

Drink good quality water – distilled is best to remove impurities

  1. Drink a good quality green tea – Daily – will help with weight and diet – high in antioxidants
  2. Drink the water all day

Adequate rest

See your dermatologist every 6 months for a checkup on arm – recurrence rate is 50% within the first 3-4 years

Don’t freak out


There was more and if I remember will add.  Well come back for stitches removal in 10 days or so

Well the above could have been taken straight from the word of wisdom – imagine that!

Life is Eternal

Posted November 19, 2009 By Mark

Remember, always, that LIFE is eternal. Whether in our current physical life or after when we are in non-physical form – we are ALWAYS ALIVE. Our soul is our life force. We are ALL EQUALLY connected to ONE SOURCE, personally, I use the name God. We ALL receive divine guidance from within equally. The ONLY difference between one person and another is how “AWARE” we are of the guidance we receive.

New day and another year past

Posted November 14, 2009 By Mark

Well today for my birthday – I will job search in the morning and go to work.  Exciting day – I am alive and getting healthier.   I have figured out I am going to be perpetually 26 years old.  Sounds like a good age.

I am that I am ~ Namaste
from the God within me, to the God within you

Vibrant health, happiness and an appreciation for the present moment, while making progress toward our ideal future.

You could have the very best tools in the world, but if you never pick them up and use them, your life will never change.  On the other hand,  just a little bit of attention each day can and will bring miracles in your life.

Day of surgery

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

Well we continue – I worked the night before surgery.  Getting off 15 minutes early 6:45 to make sure I am at the Dr. Office for a 7:30 am surgery appointment.  Very sleepy but coming prepared with iPhone, Headphones and eye mask for a long visit.  Well they clean up the area, mark it and then start to give me shots in the arm to numb the area.  Then the Dr. comes in and cuts out the area – a rather big hole in my opinion.  In this picture you can see the hole and the muscle at the bottom – yes the DFSP had progressed into the muscle.IMG_0069 this image is after the Dr. had taken the first cut and found he still needed to go DEEPER to get more of the cancer. Lucky there was no pain involved – but the SMELL of burning flesh is not one that I will ever forget.  Well 3 hrs later and they say they got it all (that they can determine at this time)  then then send me over to another Dr. for stitching it all up.  Numb it up again this time the Dr. wants to show off the muscle to the nurse asking me to flex the muscle and watch the muscle do it stuff.  I should have had a video camera for all of this now that I think of it.  Anyway they stitch me up and it looks like this.   IMG_0071 Then here are some prescriptions for anti-biotic and pain pills.  Keep ice on it for the next day or so to keep the swelling down.  And please pay the receptionist on your way out.  So $723+ dollars later (might be more as insurance will be billed for the 80%).  I finally get to drive home in a stick shift.  Lucky for me I was able to text my status to my support team during the surgery (Janice, Linda, Rick, Candace &  John).  So come back and see us in two weeks for stitches removal.  That comes on the 19th of this month.  More to come

Off to the Specialist

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

Well to continue this Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP) issue – I called the specialist and guess what – wait another week before they can see me.  Oh and by the way please have your Dermatologist fax over the pathology report.  Well I knew that was coming from North Texas Dermatology anyway.  Again I wait.  Finally visit the specialists – Specialists being Mohs surgeons.   Well they take a look and basically say they need to cut it out and the surrounding tissue.  DFSP is slow growing so chemotherapy and radiation is basically out.  (After going through that with my mother with Breast Cancer – I was ready for the worst).  They will cut it out and all surrounding tissue.  Verify it with the microscope to make sure.  Talk with the receptionist and we will get all the insurance stuff and we will see you then – Plan on being here for 3-4 hours on day of surgery.  More to come in the next post.


Well lets go back about 18 months. I was seeing my GP Doctor for a routine something and asked him about a “patch” on my left arm. Was told by the Doctor that it was Dermatofibroma – No big deal and that it can be taken off in the Dr. Office  – Don’t worry about it.  So I left thinking great I do not have Skin Cancer. With my sister Merri passing away at 18 with Skin Cancer I was originally worried. Well Time passes and the little patch gets harder and bigger (was originally the size of a dime – now the size of a half dollar.)   Well in September I finally figured I need to go see a Dermatologist and verify the findings from a “Skin” Professional. Well it takes a month to see the doctor. That in my opinion is way too long. for a simple visit and consultation. Well the day finally arrived on October 12, 2009 – Cut to the chase they took a sample of the skin (numb it – cut out a sample under the skin) to send it to the lab. I was told it takes a week to get the results.  So I wait some more.  Dr. Office calls on the October 19th and says it is NOT Dermatofibroma but it is Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans – and yes it is cancerous.  Well I did not believe the nurse so the Dr. called the next day to really tell me what the issues is.   Bottom line – go see a specialist and get it removed.  That comes in the next post.

Added new website – and of course new blog

Posted November 13, 2009 By Mark

With over 24 websites currently registered to me – I finally am putting one up just about me and the current state of affairs that I deal with. If you don’t like what you see sorry. After all it is mine