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I was never one to completely rely on Astrology to explain why x,y, and z had happened to me or my friends. I thought reading our horoscopes whenever we felt lost without direction was a fun way to place the blame or gain insight on things we didn’t quite understand at the time. It was never a consistent thing.

But, each and every time I had downloaded one of those free Apps to ultimately determine my fate for the next 30 days, I started to notice a pattern. The traits of the signs of my friends and I weren’t so far off the mark– could this actually have some truth behind it? It was a pleasant surprise how much our signs truly resonated with each of us.

 Personally being a Sagittarius myself, I did a little more research and found these 21 things to be pretty spot on when it comes to the world of romance:

1. We are extremely independent and don’t need people to bring us down.

2. We don’t like to settle for less. Commitment is not the issue, we just want someone who is perfect for us.

3. If you break our trust, you probably won’t ever get it back.

4. Caring too much is one thing we battle with all the time.

5. We are forever thinking about and planning our future.

6. Don’t bother arguing with us– you’ll lose.

7. We enjoy our alone time. We can’t be with anyone who is too protective, nosy, or controlling.

8. Sometimes we don’t connect emotionally enough with people and then they assume we don’t care– but we do.

9. Although we have a lively personality, we are not an open book. We are private people.

10.  We are the soldiers of the zodiac and absolutely hate appearing weak.

11.  We can tolerate a lot but we will not tolerate cheaters!

12.  We feel so much and don’t say anything — but inside we are screaming.

13.  We are in tune with a person’s body language and their tone of voice.  This tells us everything we need to know when dealing with conflicts with you.

14.  We will always have a mask on covering our true emotions — you won’t know them unless we tell you.

15.  It takes a lot for us to truly fall in love.

16.  We usually give awesome advice, but rarely follow it ourselves.

17.  We are really observant.  

18.  We never sweat the small stuff and always try to remain positive — even in bad situations.

19.  We tend to let things fall in place, believing that whatever is meant to be will be.

20.  Once we have feeling for someone, those feeling will always be there.  Even if we may not feel the same way as we previously did — we will never stop caring about you.

21.  We will love you unconditionally — just don’t abuse that love.

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When a human being cheats on their partner, they are always aware of the fact that they are betraying them. Regardless of what claims a cheater makes, they were aware of what they were really doing before, during, and after the betrayal (or betrayals). What’s more, cheaters also enjoy the power they gain by cheating—again, regardless of what excuses or implausible rationalizations they make. Always remember that a cheater made several conscious decisions that resulted in their cheating; there is no such thing as “It just happened!”, “I couldn’t stop it! “We were separated (still married)”  Countless couples manage to enjoy and maintain happy, healthy, loyal relationships for lifetimes—it’s not even close to something that is impossible to do or live up to.

Moreover, if a human being genuinely loves their partner, they will not run away from the relationship or jeopardize the relationship for mere lust or release. A person who loves their partner goes to their partner to resolve issues or insecurities; they don’t turn to cheating for therapy.  Quite simply, true love cannot involve cheating. Honesty, respect, and faithfulness are essential to virtually all loving relationships, and cheating violates all of these mandatory characteristics. Oftentimes it isn’t easy to acknowledge or accept, but a person who cheats on you does not love you, and it’s quite possible that they never did.  However, it’s also important to remember that victims are not to blame for being cheated on.  Again, cheaters do not respect their partners in even the most basic of senses; cheaters own their cheating, which means they are fully responsible for its cause, its occurrence, and its effects.

According to former cheater Gigi Engle and EliteDaily, Engle has “cared for the men [she has] cheated on. [She has] loved each and every one of them in [her] own way. But [she] didn’t love them enough to be faithful. If you cannot sacrifice the touch of another person — if you cannot resist the physical urge to screw someone else in favor of honoring your relationship — you do not value that relationship enough. For the first time in [her] crazy, messed-up love life, [she believes] that [she is] truly in love — madly, head-over-heels kind of love. The difference with this relationship is that [she has] a deep and profound respect for [her] boyfriend. [She’s] repulsed by the thought of letting another guy touch [her]. It makes [her] skin crawl. The idea of hurting someone [she respects] so much breaks [her] heart.”

Engle’s past misdeeds should not and cannot be excused, but her remorse seems genuine; as long as she continues to be honest with herself and her partner(s), then it will be possible for her to stay on a loving path. However, keep in mind that Engle is an exception to the rule. There are countless insecure jerks in the world, and most cheaters end up being repeat offenders in the long run.

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Divorce is so common nowadays, and it hurts to look at the statistics. Yet everyone wants to have a happy marriage for years to come. We put together a list of advice from psychologists and people’s personal experiences on how to avoid mistakes and save your marriage.

10. Respect each other.

Mutual respect is a pillar of a happy marriage. Even when you’re angry, express yourself through the prism of respect. Respect allows you to avoid situations where one of the partners feels that the other half is manipulating and putting pressure on them.

9. Do not compare your partner to others.

Don’t compare your partner with other people’s husbands and wives, especially someone on social network sites like Instagram or Facebook. This goes for in your thoughts and out loud.

Remember that people often choose to show not their reality but their desired picture of life and relationships. So when other husbands shower their ladies with bouquets, take them to expensive restaurants, or buy them gifts, it’s most likely false. Even if they do, it does not necessarily mean that those couples are happy.

8. Keep fit, and take care of yourself.

Always take care of yourself. A happy marriage is all about good sex. People love to see what is attractive. Stay fit and healthy. Think about the way you look when you’re in front of your partner, even at home. Old jogging pants and over sized T-shirts are a no-no. A well-built body and comfy yet sexy lounge wear? That’s a big yes. This rule applies to both men and women.

7. Husband / Wife is priority number one, then kids.

Parenthood is all about being selflessly there for your children, but it will be a mistake if you sacrifice your marriage for it. First, if children are all you need in the world, that is bad, especially for your child. Second, a married couple is the center of the family. And third, one day the children will grow up and leave your house. That is when you 2 will be left on your own and find yourself with a common ground and history. Or maybe you will see that nothing is left of your marriage, just a person you’re not that fond of anymore. Ask yourself if you really want this to happen.

6. Forgive each other.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Any relationship brings misunderstandings and hurt between partners. If a couple cannot forgive one another, then over time, the relationship will collapse under the burden of accumulated grievances.

5. Do not try to change your partner.

People are mistaken to think that one can change her or his spouse. Everyone has their drawbacks, and it’s almost impossible to make them into the person you want them to be. Things you should never ever try to change are bad habits, religious views, relationships with parents, hobbies, the way they see this world, and what they make their priorities. But a good thing to do is create mutual family habits and traditions that everyone will find pleasing.

4. Avoid big words, especially “divorce.”

Try to avoid phrases like “If this continues, I will leave you.“ And never say the word ”divorce.“ If you are going to say it, then be ready to go and see a lawyer. Don’t crawl back on your knees later with the words, “I did not mean it.” Your partner might suddenly say, ”Fine. Leave.”

Such phrases, often said in anger, are not forgotten. Even after you make up, it will only increase the chances of an actual divorce.

3. Control your emotions.

Try to tell yourself “Stop!” whenever you want to insult your loved one. If you feel that you can’t control yourself, take a break, take a deep breath, and go for a walk. Just do not use it to punish your partner with isolation. Tell them that you will return to the conversation when you have calmed down. And by all means, keep your word.

2. Never talk badly about your partner.

Never say bad things about your partner to others. Not to your mother. Not even to your friends. After your quarrel, you will forget everything and forgive each other, but your mother and girlfriends will not. That is when your partner will remain in a negative light for them, and they will treat him or her badly.

When things are really difficult, first have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse. If you really must share with someone else, contact a family psychologist

1. Learn your partner’s love language.

Everyone speaks their own language of love. Yours may differ from the love language of your partner. To speak love, he may manifest it with words of support and praise, perhaps with touch and care, or even with material things like gifts.

Each of us has a language of love. Whatever your partner’s love language is, learn it and use it.

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It can be more than a little scary to envision yourself being single for an extended period of time, but in reality, there is no reason you need to feel alone just because you aren’t involved in a romantic relationship. What’s more, there’s definitely no reason you should feel the need to fill periods of times like these with flings, either in order to feel normal or to live up to some silly stereotypical societal expectation. Instead, simply enjoy the time you have to yourself—if you let yourself, it’s almost impossible not to be both successful and happy.

It’s worth staying single until you’ve found someone who always does and says what they say they will, or what they promise to. Stay single until you find a partner who doesn’t just call, text, or spend time with you because it’s their duty or because they think you want them to do those things—find someone who genuinely wants to do those things for little to nothing in return. Moreover, wait for someone who not only enjoys and looks forward to spending time with you and your friends, family members, or other loved ones, but wait for someone who also looks forward to spending time with their own friends, family members, and other loves ones—with you by their side, and within their conversations.

You’re better off remaining single until you meet someone who isn’t pushy or obsessive but who still openly and honestly shows how much they desire to spend time with you and learn more and more about you. And, of course, try to find someone who you feel as though you should act in this way toward as well. A prospective partner shouldn’t have to try to convince you to give them “a chance,” and you definitely shouldn’t ever have to go out of your way to prove yourself worthy of intimate attention. If you both don’t miss each other when you’re separated for extended periods of time, and if you both don’t think about how the other person is feeling while you’re separated, then you’re probably better off remaining or becoming single to keep an option open for something more satisfying and long-term.

A worthy partner should be able to ease both your self-doubt and your pain—even at the expense of some of their own positive energy and emotion. And, again, there is no reason for you to remain with a partner who isn’t likely to make and keep you happy and successful in both the present and in the future. Whenever you’re alone, take some time to really think about yourself—who you are, and who you want to become. It won’t be hard to envision an extremely long list of things you need to start and keep working on in order to realize your aspirations, so there really is no need to add a romantic partner into the mix if they’ll be hindering your progress as opposed to advancing it.

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Once upon a time, long before you were born, you chose him.

You chose the one who makes the nights too short to say everything you want to say to each other…

The one whose soul caresses you without laying a finger on your skin, the one that believes in you and makes you believe in yourself, even at times when you don’t. The one who tells you how important you are to him and to the world as well.

You’ll recognize him by the shimmer of his soul and the sparkle that lights up in his eyes every time he sees you; by his strong embrace that holds you tight as if you are going to slip through his fingers.

And after your first encounter in this world nothing will ever be black or white! On the contrary, a completely new specter of shades, colors, sounds and words will appear.

You will need this person as you need the air you breathe. His absence will cause you pain and you will never get used to it.

That’s why it’s pointless to build your life without the one you chose long before you were born. Without him life will be just a house of cards, always under threat, even by the lightest wind.

Can you imagine your journey without his hugs or his smile brighter than the dawn? Being with him is enough. You don’t have to do anything. You’ve been destined to eternity and the love you feel is so strong that it clouds your mind. Nothing makes sense anymore, but in the same time, you can’t find bigger sense in anything but your love.

Because of him your mind turns into your biggest torturer, while your heart composes the most beautiful of notes. And it grows out of proportion. Your soul is trembling like it did the first time when the two of you met and touched…and what is more, every time will be the same, even after 20 or 30 years have passed.

You will recognize him by his love, because you bloom in his presence. He makes you feel loved, even when he is not showing it… even when he is not aware of it.

Everything you need to do is to remember that you deserve love. The kind of love that builds fortresses…cities; that flies over mountains. The kind of love that knows no limits or boundaries and makes this planet a perfect place for two souls to come together and carry on with their life as one.

Don’t settle for anything less. Don’t pay attention to time or the people who tell you that you are running out of it. Ignore the envious looks and gossips. Let go of the feeling that you are not good enough for him. As a matter of fact, let go of everything.

Just remember you made the deal long time ago… You agreed to it before both of you came to Earth…you’ll go through life side by side and you’ll follow the light as single being.

This kind of love is worth breathing and living for.

Never give up on him…keep searching, he is there, he exists!


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10 Hard Truths About Love You Should Know

Posted August 10, 2017 By Mark

Perfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, then there is not perfect love. ~ A Course in Miracles

Hard Truths About Love

People go around throwing I love you’s as if these words are nothing. And when it comes to honoring their words with actions, a lot of them have absolutely nothing to show for… And 

Today I will share with you 10 hard truths about love that can improve not just our relationships, but also our lives, and the whole world.

1. There is no love without self-love

Pay close attention to those people who tell you how much they love you, but who treat themselves as if there is nothing worthy about them. If a person has no love for themselves, they will have no love to offer to those around. How can anyone offer you something they themselves don’t have? It’s just not possible.

“I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.’ … There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.” ~Maya Angelou

2. Love is not selective

I used to be so proud of the fact that I had love only for a selective few. And in my ignorance, I failed to realize that my love was flawed and imperfect. Because just as the Eckhart Tolle so beautifully said it,

“Love is not selective, just as the light of the sun is not selective. It does not make one person special. It is not exclusive. Exclusivity is not the love of God but the “love” of ego. However, the intensity with which true love is felt can vary.”

3. Codependency is not love

So many people confuse co-dependency with love when in fact these two have nothing to do with one another. Love is pure, perfect, and honest. While co-dependency is nothing but fear masked as love trying to cling onto other people by sucking the life out of them and by making them feel responsible for our own happiness, fulfillment, and well-being.

4. Love is not blind infatuation

You often hear people say things like: Oh my God, I fell in love! I’m so happy. And then after a little while, the same people will affirm: Oh, I’m so unhappy. I no longer love them. I fell out of love… But the truth of the matter is that what these people felt wasn’t love, but rather a blind infatuation that lasted for a little while and then it disappeared. Because that’s what infatuation does – it comes and goes.

5. Love is eternal

Love isn’t something you fall in, and out of. Love just is. Love is eternal and always present. And If there’s true and honest love in your heart for someone, this love will remain with you for as long as you live. And whether you allow this love to be felt or not, that is your choice.

6. Love is not blind, or foolish

Love is not foolish, and love is not blind. Love will not permit us to be walked all over by those we love.

If somebody you love treats you in toxic and unkind ways, out of love for them and yourself, you will be guided intuitively to do what’s right – by either removing yourself from the toxic relationship or by asking them to change and correct their ways – but under no circumstances will love ask you to stay in a relationship where you will be abused, manipulated, and mistreated. So keep that in mind.

7. Love is to be offered to all

You might think that the only people worthy of your love are your family, your partner, your friends and a selective few. But the truth of the matter is that the whole world is worthy and deserving of your love and affection. And since we are all ONE – connected with each other in a profound and meaningful way – it is your responsibility to expand your circle of compassion and offer your love and support, not just to those close to you, but to the whole world.

8. Love needs nothing in return

If you think you have a right to receive just because you have given your love to others, that is a clear sign your love is flawed and imperfect. Because love is pure and unconditional. It offers itself to the whole world without wanting anything in return. And even though we were taught to believe that we should only offer our love only to those who offer their love to us, we should never forget that true love comes with no conditions.

9. The word Love has become empty of meaning, but love itself has never lost its power

We go around throwing “I love you’s” as if love was nothing. But love is not, nothing. Love is everything. Love is the Source of all things. Love is what we all need, what we all seek, and what we all need. And even though the word love has become empty of meaning through years and years of misuse, love itself has never lost its value and its power.

10. Love isn’t what we think it is

Love isn’t what we think it is. Love is what we feel. And since the majority of people have become disconnected from their own hearts and feelings, what we are getting is not love, but an idea of what love is supposed to be.

And these are 10 hard truths about love we should all know. What about you? What is one hard truth about love that you’ve learned and made your life better? You can share your comment in the comment section below.

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When you first meet somebody, a colleague or a new acquaintance, for instance, it’s difficult to judge their personality straight away.

This can be hard because most of us try to show the best version of themselves when meeting new people. They do this because they want to seem more attractive to others and it’s only when you get to know them better that you discover their faults.

So how can you know if it’s going to be worth the time and effort to speak to new people you meet?

You usually don’t, and that means people are wary of one another until they decide whether this relationship is going to last or not.

However, science may have the answer, as a new study claims one simple question can reveal an insight into a person’s personality: ask them what they think about somebody else.

According to Dustin Wood, a professor of psychology at Wake Forest University, our perceptions of others can show a lot about our own personality. For example, if we see more people positively, it can say a lot about our own positive traits.

How positively you see others can be a sign of how happy and content a person is with their own lives and how much they are loved and appreciated by other people.

Those who are maybe unhappy or unsatisfied with their lives will be more likely to give a negative view of other people. The same applies to the people who have higher levels of narcissism as well as the ones who are prone to antisocial behavior, as they tend to be very critical in their outlook.

As Wood noted: “A huge suite of negative personality traits is associated with viewing others negatively. The simple tendency to see people negatively indicates a greater likelihood of depression and various personality disorders.”

So, asking for somebody’s opinion about somebody else can also give you a good indication of the way they view themselves. The reason is the fact that most people usually tend to refer to traits that they recognize in themselves as well.

That means that it’s worth remembering that when somebody describes other people, they could actually be presenting parts of their own personality.

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No matter how happy you are with your partner, all relationships require consistent work. If you devote some attention to relationship maintenance every day, you dramatically reduce the chances of conflict, boredom and ultimately heartbreak.

Here are 11 tricks that will help you do just that…


1. Keep Your Phones Off During Quality Time

Whether you’re having a romantic dinner date or catching up each other’s news, nothing ruins the mood like one of you taking a phone call or reading a text message. And it’s worse still if you actively choose to scroll through your Facebook feed or check your email!

Nurture your relationship by switching off your phone (or at least turning it to silent mode) and paying proper attention to your partner.

2. Go To Bed At The Same Time

It’s not always easy to synchronize bedtimes if you have different work schedules or family responsibilities, but it’s a surefire way to boost intimacy. This isn’t just about creating more opportunities for sex—it’s about feeling connected, relaxing together and having a chance to cuddle.

If you’ve noticed the spark waning in your relationship and you realize you’re not going to bed at the same time as your partner, ask yourself why.

3. Make Small, Thoughtful Gestures

You might think it’s obvious that small gestures help you keep love alive, but you may well underestimate the power of such actions.

There’s huge scope for loving, fun and compassionate behavior here—you might just send a text during the day telling your partner you’re thinking of them, give them a tender hug when they come home, do a chore you know they hate, or  pick out a little gift that suits their style. All of these gestures show you are thoughtful and caring.

4. Visualize A Deeper Love

While most people using the Law of Attraction with the goal of love in mind will do so when trying to create a new love, you can use much the same techniques to deepen a relationship you already have.

For example, try visualizing you and your partner becoming closer (or regaining the level of closeness you used to have), and do this several times a day. If you think your partner shares your goal of becoming a happier, more intimate team, ask them to join you in visualizing.

5. Do Something New Together

Sharing a new experience helps to make you closer—especially if it’s something exciting that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Consider a spontaneous trip to a place you’ve never been, learning an interesting skill together at a class or workshop, or bringing something new into the bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

6. Don’t Criticize Or Blame

Distance or discord can tempt you to be critical, or to accuse your partner of being primarily at fault. However, before you say something harsh, think about it for a moment. First, consider whether it really has to be said at all.

Secondly, if it does need to be said, ask yourself whether they might be a more tactful, empathic way to say it. For example, instead of saying “Why do you never do anything for the kids?!” say “I was wondering if we could sit down and talk about a better way to sort out who is responsible for different things we do with the kids.”

7. Express Gratitude

Think about how great you feel when you know you—or something you’ve done—is truly noticed and appreciated. If you offer that same gratitude to your partner, you can instantly improve your connection.

Many people feel taken for granted after many years in a committed relationship, and frequently saying a sincere “thank you” is one of the best antidotes there is.

8. Focus On What’s Right

On a related note, focusing on the positive—i.e. what your partner does right—will also naturally help to manifest a more satisfying romantic relationship. So, it doesn’t just matter that you say things like “I really love it when you ____” and “It makes me happy that we _____.”

It’s equally important to think about your partner in positive terms, emphasizing appreciation and deemphasizing imperfections (which still seeing areas for productive growth).

9. Make Yourself Vulnerable

Falling more deeply in love requires really opening yourself up and letting the other person see into your heart. This requires deliberately making yourself vulnerable, and sharing your emotions transparently.

Let your partner know about your worries and insecurities, and be candid about your desire for change. As with potential criticism, however, be careful—focus on being both congruent and loving at the same time.

10. Plan Time Away

It isn’t just going on vacation that matters—the very act of planning together, choosing a destination and picking a hotel can spark excitement and camaraderie in your relationship.

When work or family obligations are getting exhausting, planning a trip away is also a great reminder that better times are coming, and that you’ll have quality time to reconnect soon.

11. “Date” Your Partner

Finally, you can create a sense of falling in love again by actively dating your partner, as you did when you were once trying to get their attention and win their affections. Think of what you’d do to make them feel special and wanted if you were just getting to know them, and do it now.

Meanwhile, remember how excited and joyful you used to be just at the sight of their face, and try to reconnect with that feeling.

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Men and women show that they care in very different ways. If a man is willing to publicly display his love for a woman, he is not messing around. It takes extreme vulnerability for a man to show and express exactly what he is feeling on such a large scale.

There are at least 8 things a man will only do for the woman he sincerely loves.

1. He listens

If you ever think that men sometimes behave like children, you’re not entirely wrong. Most men only concentrate on things they are passionate about. If they love you, your voice is music to their ears and all you have to do is say something that really matters and they are hooked.

The man who really loves you will not only hear you but will pay attention to your words. You will notice that he follows your advice and respects your thoughts.

2. He fights with you

Yes, that is correct. Fights are not always a sign that the relationship is going through a bad time. If he truly loves you and is invested in your relationship, he will take the time to fight, discuss and find solutions for your relationship. Occasional discussions are a sign that he wants to make things work. You want to find a middle ground where you both can be happy.


3. He makes sacrifices for your happiness

This is one of the biggest signs that a man loves a woman. If he changes his plans from something he would like to do for something he knows would make you happy, he is showing that he loves and respects you and is willing to always put you first.

4. He fights for your love

A man in love will take the punches as they come and fight to keep your love. He will weather the coldest winters and the rainiest spring showers just to be with you. A man in love feels lucky to have you in his life and makes it known that losing you is the last thing he would ever want.


5. He’s proud of your achievements

When a man loves a woman, everything she does feels like his own achievements. It’s almost like the pride a mother feels when their child does something kind or new for the first time. A man in love does not compete with the woman he loves, a man in love wins with the woman he loves.


6. He thinks you look beautiful even on your worst days

A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers had a cold sore on her top lip. She did not feel comfortable enough to meet her boyfriend that day because she did not want him to see her like that. However, after gathering the opinion of the whole office, the consensus was that if she met up with him with the sore and he did not care, it would be a sign that he was really interested in her for her and not just her looks. When a man really loves a woman, she always looks beautiful no matter what.


7. He cares about your family and friends because you do

A man in love understands that the people you love are important to you, and if they are happy, you will be too. If he loves you, he will patiently listen as you share detailed stories about your friends’ lives. He will recognize their importance in your life and will offer solutions to their problems with genuine interest.


8. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable

Men do not like to be vulnerable–ever–but if he loves you, he will not have a problem with showing you that he is afraid to lose you.

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Understanding people and relationships can be quite a challenge sometimes. It might seem from the outside that everything is perfectly fine, but you never know what really goes on behind closed doors.

The situation can of course be the other way around – a couple, who is fighting all the time may actually use this as a foreplay and get along very well. It is normal, that reading other’s relationships is very difficult, but sometimes understanding your own one can be even more impossible.  

So how to really know, if the man you are with is truly in love with you? Well, you must watch and listen closely, because there are seven signs, that show if he is really in love and wants a future with you.


If he is serious about the relationship, he wants to get to know your close ones as well. It is a dangerous sign, if he tries to avoid meeting the parents at all times. Of course this step should not be rushed, but when you have been together for a while, it is only normal to meet the family.

Showing interest in family means that he wants to spend his future with you, because otherwise it would not be reasonable to invest time and energy to getting to know them.


This small sign also means, that he cares what you think of him. He wants to look good and attractive to you. When he does not care at all what you think, it might mean that he does not care about the relationship as well. But let him ask for your advice first, do not rush to choosing his outfits for him nor telling him what he has to wear.  This is a huge turn off for men.


This means like running errands and doing boring but necessary things together. When he is serious about you, he wants to spend as much time as possible with you and does not mind doing not exciting things as well.

It is a bad sign, if he only has time for you on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons for fun dates and parties, because you want someone, who you can count on and who stands by your side through boring things as well.


Why would he do that, if he wasn’t really-really in love with you? He shows his affection with making things easier and better for you. It can be fixing the sink, a broken table or helping with the cleaning around the house.

All those small things show that he is in it for the long run.  


This shows commitment and love as well. He wants to impress you and make you feel special. Of course it is always easier to just order food or go out to eat, but then there is no secret ingredient (called love) in the food. So appreciate his effort, even when the food is not the best – at least he tries. And next time you can cook together and make a fun date out of it.


When he takes you to a spontaneous weekend trip or a Saturday night date, it means he truly loves you and wants to show it to you as well. His mission is to make you happy and this makes him happy as well. He makes these efforts to create meaningful memories together and make the relationship even stronger.


One thing is hearing someone speak, the other things is to listen. When he truly cares about you, he listens carefully. He wants to know all the little details and thoughts you have in your head. He gives you his full attention, because you are the girl of his dreams. Do not take this for granted and engage in his stories as well.

This way you create a safe and loving environment, where you can have passionate conversations and both want to share your ideas and thoughts with each other.

These seven signs help you to identify, if your man is being serious about you or if he just wants to have fun. Of course every person has its own way of showing love and affection and it is important to notice these signs and understand their meaning. Keep in mind to show your love as well, because otherwise he might feel that you are not really into him.

The most important thing in the relationship is honest communication.

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